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Superyacht VR Training

Delivery of an innovative blend of digital & Virtual Reality training to improve ColRegs & BRM Skills for a superyacht business.


Assuring competence in your team's capability.


Kilo was commissioned by a leading Yacht and Marine Company to provide their Navigational Teams with a program of training, aimed at advancing individual and whole team competence in ColRegs and Bridge Resource Management skills and behaviours.


Merging the immersive technology of our Virtual Reality bridge environment, VASCO, with digitally savvy Master Mariner instructors, the focus was on improving the ‘Application of Knowledge’ via a program of coaching, mentoring, and evaluation.


50+ Deck seafaring personnel were provided with access to engaging digital content on the company’s

learning management system, where the underpinning knowledge was accessible 24/7.


Consolidating theory into practical application was key. Seafarers were scheduled to join 2 x 45 Minute

VASCO sessions each month, where they were coached and mentored on ColRegs and BRM principles,

aligned to company and regulatory standards.

On joining, Seafarers were immediately immersed onto the navigational bridge, and allocated a role and

responsibility within it. Navigator, Co-Navigator, Helm, and Look-Out quickly gelled and then responded

to the immediacy of the Navigational challenge they faced.

Seafarers joined from various geographical locations, with the only dependency being an untethered Meta Quest 2 headset connected to a basic Wi-Fi access or mobile phone.


  • The Client was committed to ensuring that their vessels and people operate to the highest professional standards

  • As operational tempos increased, and opportunities for traditional skill development within in-country fixed simulators reduced, the Client sought a contemporary solution that met the business need and delivered highly trained personnel and ESG ambition in equal measure.

  • Recognising the continual advances in technology, the opportunity to deliver simulator training at the point of need, utilising nothing more than a $400.00 headset, ensured consistent access to the training program, irrespective of geographical location.

  • The commercial logic of advancing workforce skills without the need for flights, expenses, and neutral salary days is reshaping traditional thinking and setting the standards for how training programs are delivered for the betterment of all.


Superyacht company

Image by Ian Keefe

The Results


Reduction in training spend


Increase in staff availability


Performance improvement


Seafarer satisfaction


Workforce accessibility

VR Art Exhibition

I like how techy and handy the availability of the training equipment to enhance more the knowledge and skills of the Officers or the Bridge Team."

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