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Basic Fire Fighting

Interactive videos for the standardisation of fire fighting procedures.

Image by Nilantha Ilangamuwa

Basic Fire Fighting


  • A series of 12 x 4 minute films, shot in 1st and 3rd person, depicting each phase.

  • Each Film focused on reactions and best practice procedures, reinforcing key points.

  • Utilising 20 hours of footage, we created an interactive decision making challenge.

  • After effects were utilised to add smoke, fire, dry powder, CO2 and water in post.


  • Kilo Film Team and SME generated high level scripts for each sequence

  • Scripts accepted by client and ship underway was allocated for filming

  • Ships staff were selected and briefed on the requirement by film team throughout.

  • Client SME present throughout

  • Kilo SME and Edit team constructed films and challenge for client acceptance


  • There was a lack of standardisation of firefighting procedures

  • ‘Best Practice’ standards were being taught without approved training content.

  • Improve immediate responses to fire event and increase awareness of responsibility

  • To permit underpinning knowledge to be delivered at point of need

  • Improve overall levels of risk

Film Set
Image by jesse orrico
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