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Naval Defence

We optimise technology to accelerate people to the front line.

Minimising time within the Training Margin and increasing the availability of personnel for operational tasking is a priority for all in Defence.

Achieving effective Training Performance Standards in a dynamic way minimises that time on the Training Margin and accelerates availability for Front-Line employment.

We achieve this by exploiting immersive digital technology that is fully aligned with the capability needs and is accessible at Sea or Ashore.

National, International and NATO standards can all be achieved as the Subject Experts adapt the Technology to achieve, and maintain, core learning objectives.

Having provided individuals with the underpinning knowledge, we then immerse them in the Virtual environment, that is VASCO, to advance competent Maritime Operations as a Team.

Preparing your Team for Operational Sea Training, Naval Deployments or Emergent Tasking can now be achieved within Virtual environments that have been designed to deliver.

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The Results

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Naval Client

Introducing Virtual Reality bridge simulation to naval training.

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