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Commercial Shipping

Crew training that optimises technology and meets commercial ambitions.

Today’s challenges are unprecedented.   Increasingly complex vessels, fixed passage plans, congested sea lanes, minimal live training opportunities and regulatory pressures, all demand competent and confident personnel.

We merge technology with training expertise, to deliver sustained improvements in crew performance, that are fully aligned with the specific needs of both the operating organisation and international standards.

Knowledge is delivered via engaging digital content and then, uniquely, practical application is coached, mentored, and evaluated within the modern Virtual Reality Bridge Environment, that is VASCO.

Combining the flexibility of VASCO with digital content and Master Mariner training expertise, we ensure your crews' teams achieve priority One in a safe, professional and sustainable manner.

Image by Rinson Chory


The Results

CS INteractive Voyages.jpg


Interactive Navigational Voyages

A PC based interactive Voyage containing a series of Navigational challenges, incorporating related bridge information to support effective decision making.

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