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Bridge Skills

Delivery of an innovative blend of  Digital & Virtual Reality training to improve ColRegs & BRM Skills for a large Maritime business.

Image by Anton Shuvalov

Assuring competence in your team's capability.


  • Delivery of 12 Digital Learning Modules for underpinning knowledge

  • Practical sessions within VASCO to mentor & evaluate individual & team competency

  • VASCO sessions led by certified Master Mariner instructors


  • All Rules and BRM standards accessible via Digital Learning Management System (LMS)

  • 2 x VASCO Sessions were scheduled every Tuesday for 12 Months

  • Each Seafarer completed a minimum of 1 x VASCO session per month

  • Sessions were accessible via untethered VR headsets at a place that suited the Seafarer

  • Basic, Intermediate & Advanced VASCO scenarios delivered

  • LMS content available on-line 24/7


  • Skill improvement needed across a disparate organisation, without impacting operations.

  • Improve efficiency of training/spend across expanding manpower overhead.

  • Assurance of core capability needed to mitigate ongoing operational risks.

Image by Sophia Sideri

The Results


Reduction in training spend


User satisfaction


Increase in seafarer confidence

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