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VR Art Exhibition


Virtual Reality

VR is transforming the world of training and crew development.

Developing people, VR and Maritime are our great passions in life.

Every immersive VR training experience is based on your essential training needs.

Kilo spends countless hours of building, testing and refining our leading-edge VR products. 


Sophisticated 3D physics back-end software, delivers ultra realistic environments to ensure a realistic sense of ‘being there’ is experienced by seafarers under training.

We use untethered Meta Headsets to provide you with VR experiences that are portable, accessible and affordable. This permits you to train without geographical limitations, via a simple Wi-Fi or hotspot connection.


VR Benefits

Image by Claudio Poggio


Bridge Skills Development

Delivery of an innovative blend of  Digital & Virtual Reality training to improve ColRegs & BRM Skills for a large Maritime business.

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