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collaborative virtual reality.


Our superyacht client required a method for building competency within the Bridge team to include, Navigation, Watchkeeper, Helm and Look-Out positions during periods of low operational tempo.



Traditional methods for developing Bridge team competencies have largely been dependent via on job training during the vessel normal operating tempo.  This of course remains an excellent method for skill enhancement but has limitations during period of low operating tempo or when trying to develop and build additional skills as necessary by the ship’s leadership.


A low-cost Virtual Bridge environment that permitted all participants to occupy generic positions from which team commands and actions could be conducted in an effective manner, whilst enjoying the immersive experience of a ship underway.   Competencies sought were set in advance with performance results able to be captured via the course facility, if required for audit purposes.


98% participant satisfaction and multiple £1000s savings/ reduction in travel, expenses and loss of operational working hours.  The full efficiency is yet to be totally realised but a significant recognition that contemporary digital technology can complement traditional methods of training delivery.

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