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VASCO Supported Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have forgotten my password, what do I do?
    If you've forgotten your password you can request a password reset request on the log in page: Alternatively you can contact our support team
  • When and how will I receive my certificate?
    Providing that your training has been fully paid for, you can download an electronic, PDF copy of your certificate instantly after successfully completing your course. Simply log in to your account to download a copy.
  • What operating systems does the Kilo VMA support?
    The Kilo VMA supports the following Operating Systems: Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 Mac OSx
  • Can I purchase an individual course or do I need to purchase a whole category of courses?
    Our training courses are split into two programmes, each one split into various courses: Bridge Operations Engineering Operations You can purchase individual courses from within each category programme separately.
  • How long do I have access to my training material once I have purchased it?
    Using your username and password you can log in and revisit the training material as many times as you like, even after completing the course.
  • Do you offer bespoke courses?
    Yes, if you are you in need of custom courses tailored specifically to your business needs our team is ready to collaborate with you. Simply reach out to us by sending your inquiries to and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements in detail, alternatively use our Contact form.
  • Can I purchase an LMS licence on behalf of my company?
    If you want to buy training material for your company you will need to contact us and can create a solution that fits your needs. Drop us an email or use our Contact Form.
  • Which devices do your training materials work on?
    You can access our courses using your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop as long as you have an internet connection. This means you can train anywhere! Should you use your smartphone to access your training, we recommend turning your phone to landscape for better viewing.
  • Once I have purchased online training material, can I access VASCO?
    Once I have purchased online training material, can I access VASCO?
  • Where do I log in?
    There is a login link in the footer of our website that enables you to log in from any page you are on. This link enables you to log into your training:
  • How do I access my training material?
    Once you have paid for your course, within 2 business days you will have received an email containing your login details and a link to the Virtual Maritime Academy. This email is sent to the email address entered at the time of purchase. Simply click on the link and enter your login details. You will then be given the option to reset your password.
  • Do I get a certificate?
    Summative assessments or quizzes are included at the end of programs and courses, and successfully passing them is necessary to obtain a certificate. If you don't pass on your initial attempt, you have two additional opportunities to retake the assessment. Rest assured, course materials remain accessible for as long as necessary to support your learning journey.
  • Are the online courses accredited?
    Our online training courses are not currently accredited with any governing body, however, we are working towards accreditation and will keep all course users updated.
  • If I lose my certificate can I get another one?
    You can log in to your training account and download a PDF replacement at any time. If you are unable to access your account again then please contact us on
  • How much does a course cost?
    Our programmes and courses vary in price from £75 upwards. You can Browse our Online Courses for more information:
  • What happens after I have purchased the training?
    Once you have completed the purchase you will receive an email containing instructions on how to access your training material.
  • What payment options are available?
    You can checkout from the website using Stripe Payment Gateway to manage your card payment. If you would like to purchase in a different way please drop us an email or use our Contact Form.
  • I don’t live in the UK, can I still purchase your courses?
    Yes, absolutely! Our courses are available to anyone regardless of their location. Whether you're in the UK or anywhere else in the world, you can purchase and access our courses online. We welcome learners from diverse backgrounds and locations to join our educational community and benefit from our offerings.
  • What browser can I use to access the online training material?
    The kilo VMA is supported on the following Internet Browsers: Internet Explorer version 9 or higher Google Chrome version 23 or higher Firefox version 18 or higher Safari version 6 or higher
  • How are your courses delivered?
    Our courses are delivered through an online platform accessible to enrolled students. Upon enrollment, students gain access to a dedicated learning portal where they can access course materials, lectures, assignments, quizzes, and other resources. These resources are typically available in various formats such as videos, and interactive modules.
  • Once complete can I access the course again?
    Yes, after completing our courses, you can use your username and password to log in and revisit the training material as many times as you wish.
  • What type of courses do you offer?
    We offer online maritime training courses on a range of subjects suitable for either individuals or businesses. Our comprehensive courses are designed to enhance skills, compliance, and safety practices in the maritime industry. Developed in consultation with industry leaders, they cater to unique training needs, offering regulatory mastery and specialisation in emerging disciplines. View the full list of our courses here.
  • If I fail the course can I do it again?
    If you don't pass a summative assessment or quiz after completing a program or course, you'll have two more attempts to pass and receive your certificate. However, if you still fail after three attempts, don't worry! You can log in using your username and password to revisit the training material as many times as you need until you feel confident. We're committed to supporting your learning journey every step of the way.
  • How can I buy training material for my staff?
    If you want to buy training material for multiple staff you will need to contact us and can create a solution that fits your needs. Drop us an email or use our Contact Form.
  • How can I buy training material for myself?
    To purchase a programme or course for yourself, add it to your basket and proceed to checkout. Once you have completed the purchase you will receive an email containing instructions on how to access your training material.
  • How long does an online course take to complete?
    Our courses range from 30 – 120 minutes in length.
  • What is the maximum number of Seafarers per scenario?
    4 is the maximum - 1 x Navigator, 1 x Co-Navigator, 1 x Helm and 1 x Lookout/Observer.
  • Can I book 1 x Scenario initially?
    Yes, but the cost benefit is less.
  • The situations that you have told us you need to address?
    We are unable to attend/afford fixed simulators as a Bridge team We are emerging from a lengthy period of build/lay-up/maintenance We have experienced a high turnover of staff into new roles We have been operating in low traffic regions, generating skill fade across the team We would benefit from ongoing skill development in support of continuous improvement We are time poor and prefer an outsourced model to a credible supplier Training delivery is staid and digitally savvy leaders are looking to embrace technological advances that are appropriate to the needs of their business requirements
  • Can Kilo provide the headsets?
    Yes, but if you book 12 Scenarios, we will send you 3 headsets gratis.
  • Do I or my Team need to travel to attend?
    No. When the Seafarer has the Headset and an Internet connection, training takes place irrespective of geographical location.
  • What is the principle focus of the Training?
    BRM procedures and Collision Regulations, aligned to your Vessel’s safety management system.
  • Can I use my own MQ2 or MQ3 headset?
    Yes, but it will need to be in developer mode to allow you to locally add the VASCO file.
  • What is the minimum number of Seafarers per scenario?
    2 is the minimum. 1 x Navigator and 1 x Co-Navigator/Helm.
  • Do I need to be experienced with Meta Quest headset usage?
    No. The investment made by Meta ensures intuitive use for all levels of digital competence.
  • Are the Sessions that I book just for my vessel?
    Yes. We can also arrange for any new crew that are to be joining the vessel for the first time to also take part in the exercises with the established crew.
  • How much does 1 x Scenario Cost?
    Each scenario costs £650.00 + VAT. Book 12 and pay for 10.
  • Can I book the same Scenario on more than one occasion?
    Yes. It is not a linear programme and is important that you select the most appropriate scenarios for your local needs.
  • How much is a Meta Quest 3 headset, loaded with the software?
    £590.00 + VAT.
  • What is VASCO Supported aiming to achieve?
    It is in response to the sector need to develop and maintain essential navigational skills that ensure competent, confident, and safe operations of Vessels. Enhance navigational skills Build communications between Crew/Team. Increase awareness and skillset in Junior Crew members in a safe training environment Regular assessment and evaluation of Bridge Team Competencies and Behaviours
  • How many Seafarers in each scenario?
    3 is the optimum number. 1 x Navigator, 1 x Co-Navigator and 1 x Helm.
  • What if we need to reschedule?
    We permit 1 x booking amend per scenario, with 7+ days’ notice. Inside 7 days, costs have been incurred and cancellation charge applies.
  • What are the 12 x Scenarios?
    See Annex One
  • Can junior members of my Team participate?
    Yes. VASCO is a unique environment that permits us to develop skills appropriate to the competency needed within the Bridge Team.
  • How will I get my Kilo provided headsets?
    We courier headsets around the world via DHL.
  • How does the Master Mariner deliver the Training?
    They conduct it remotely and join Your team in the VR to coach, Mentor and Evaluate, as they would in any fixed simulator.
  • How do you align the training with our Safety Management Standards?
    Prior to training we ask for copies of the relevant sections of your SMS pertaining to Bridge procedures and send you our assessment criteria and a few questions in advance of a brief call to discuss all areas and ensure we train as you operate.
  • What VR Headsets are used?
    Meta Quest 2 or 3.
  • Pre-configured Headsets
    Pre-configured Meta Quest 3 headsets are available at £590.00 + VAT
  • How much is the Gold Cost Model?
    GOLD – Book 12 x Scenarios – Pay for 10 and receive 3 x pre-loaded Meta Quest 3 headsets too You only pay £6,500.00 + VAT
  • How much is the Silver Cost Model?
    SILVER – Book any 8 x Scenarios – Pay for 6 and receive 1 x pre-loaded Meta Quest 3 headset too You only pay £3,900.00 + VAT
  • How much is the Bronze Cost Model?
    BRONZE – Book any 4 x Scenarios – Pay for 3 You pay £1,950.00 + VAT
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Vasco Scenarios Expained

All of the VASCO designed scenarios will include assessment of BRM principles together with knowledge and application of colregs Part A - General and Section I - conduct of vessels in any condition of visibility...


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