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VASCO Supported Scenarios



Focused on ‘Train as you operate, and industry best practice’, our scenarios have been expertly designed to deliver real world skill development.
They are so much more than what is on offer in traditional training.

All of the VASCO designed scenarios will include assessment of BRM principles together with knowledge and application of colregs

Part A - General and Section I - conduct of vessels in any condition of visibility.

Each individual scenario will also focus on particular rules within Section II - Conduct of vessels in sight of one another and Section III - Conduct of vessels in restricted visibility.

Each scenario is dynamic and the instructor has the ability to adapt the preset conditions to take account of the actions of the team. This ensure the training is both interesting and challenging.

Scenario 1
Plain Sailing

Entry Level Scenario, Day time setting, Light traffic to be encountered.


Scenario 2
Fishing for Comments

Day Time setting, Basic Navigation, Busy Fishing grounds today


Scenario 3
Shipwreck Point

Day time Setting, Passage between Island groups, light traffic and Navigation.

Scenario 4
Decisions Decisions

A busy scenario, Daytime Setting, dense Shipping area with some interesting targets. Skilled navigation required.

Scenario 5
Anchors Away

Daytime Setting, Passage Plan to Cross a TSS and onto an Anchorage location. Skilled Navigation Required.

Scenario 6
Into the Darkness

Dusk Setting, Options are limited with other vessels. Light Traffic, Sound Decision making required.

Scenario 7
Port Constraint

Early Morning Setting, Busy approach to a port with and anchorage location just outside. Thorough Navigation required.


Scenario 8
The Endeavour

Fine & Sunny with a chance of Rain.. Heavy traffic to be encountered. Skilled Navigation required

Scenario 9
Sunset Cruise

No cocktails to drink here though, Daytime Setting, Busy traffic area with TSS on approach to a Pilot pick up point. Some Heavy rainfall could also be encountered.

Scenario 10
Bermuda Triangle

Daytime Setting, Light Traffic, with options limited, Decisions are crucial on this one. Advanced Navigation required.

Scenario 11
Nothing to See Here

Restricted Visibility, Multi Vessel Scenario with some interesting twists and Turns .. Advanced Navigation required.

Scenario 12
Lets Ensure Things Don't Go Bump in the Night

Night Time Setting, Passage plan leading into a TSS Crossroad Multi Vessel scenario. Advanced Navigation required.

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