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Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis


Do you ever question why certain issues persist despite your team's best efforts to tackle them head-on? If so, root cause analysis could hold the key to uncovering the underlying reasons behind persistent challenges. 


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30 Minutes


Experience Level




Bridge Operations, Engineering Operations




  • Course Summary

    In this course, you will learn that Root Cause Analysis is a systematic approach aimed at identifying and understanding the fundamental reasons behind problems or incidents. By going beyond surface-level symptoms, RCA allows you, as a maritime professional, to pinpoint the root causes of challenges, enabling the development of effective and sustainable solutions, crucial for improving safety, preventing the recurrence of incidents, optimising resource allocation, and promoting continuous improvement. 

    Asking the right questions and probing beneath the surface can lead to transformative insights and lasting solutions. Are you ready to learn the key to effective problem-solving? 

  • Learning Outcomes

    • Define the concept of root cause analysis (RCA) in the context of maritime operations. 

    • Identify the purpose of root cause analysis 

    • Identify the benefits of conducting root cause analysis in the maritime industry. 

    • Differentiate between reactive and proactive approaches to RCA in the context of maritime incident investigations. 

    • Explore maritime examples of root cause analysis 

    • Differentiate between immediate causes and underlying factors in maritime incidents. 

    • Identify the key steps involved in conducting a thorough root cause analysis  

    • Explore various tools and methods commonly used in maritime root cause analysis: 5w2h method, The 5 Whys, Fishbone Diagram, Pareto Charts, Fault Tree Analysis. 

    • Evaluate the challenges and considerations involved in implementing root cause analysis. 

    • Engage in an interactive exercise to apply root cause analysis using RCA methods and techniques to a maritime case study. 

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