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What’s next for VR Ship Handling?

From the results of our Proof of Concept project with The Nautical Institute and SafetyTech Accelerator (you can request a copy here), it was clear that the Proof of Concept demonstrated a number of opportunities, but limitations were noted too.

The real potential of the solution is the ability to immerse a Mariner in an environment where they can experience real-life environmental challenges; and whilst the characteristics of the ship were generic, they were able to provide a genuine sense of immersion and authenticity.

With an extensive range of feedback collated from sector expertise, we have focused our efforts on the future Use Case and a development roadmap that ensures the next release is completely aligned with the Maritime Training Need.

Whilst development considerations have been critical to our planning, a brand identity was also needed. We have, as a result, entitled the forthcoming product as PIVOT, which we believe accurately reflects the central role that VR will have in all future Maritime Training.

PIVOT is best described as a scalable and off-line Virtual Reality training experience that challenges Mariners to conduct harbour transits safely and in compliance with international standards, as the vessel is manoeuvred in and out of port.

Development of PIVOT is already rapidly advancing and is on course for v1.0 release on 20 June 2022. Our intention is to keep you all abreast of developments along the build journey as it matures and emerges from rigorous rounds of testing with Master Mariner expertise.

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