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To Walk Past is to Condone

It may seem topical for the time, but this message has always been a go-to for leaders looking to push responsibility to all.

Alongside the standards that you expect and the values that you espouse, the simplicity of the phrase encourages empowerment, and ultimately, action. Properly executed, this phrase forms the basis of a culture of accountability.

To achieve full adoption of the spirit of the message, we must ensure that all personnel understand the standards within which they are required to operate, thus permitting any shortfalls to become instinctively obvious.  If it seems straightforward, that's because it actually is. 

The strength of the simplicity of the message is that it is without ambiguity. However, problems tend to arise when the standards become blurred and the messaging mixed.   Often we see, despite the very best of intentions, workforces suffering from initiative fatigue and general disengagement from the ‘important’ messages that fly around organisations without any thought on the impact or desired behavioural change that is sought.

The adage that; ‘if everything is important, nothing is’, does need to be considered if you are truly seeking behavioural change. If you want your team to proactively take action, don’t confuse them. Keep the instructions clear and appropriately prioritised, if you want your people to drive standards and overall performance.

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