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Big Changes to Maritime Training are (Virtually) Here

As real-world training becomes less practical and financially viable, Kilo continues to focus on new innovations in Virtual Reality that will give unprecedented levels of experience and expertise to crews without even setting foot aboard the ship.

Adjusting to the ‘new norm’, ensuring skills and capabilities are maintained and enhanced to meet the emergent needs in a sector that is undergoing ongoing change, is at the fore of most operational planners’ thinking.

Will Digital Training for Maritime Become the Norm?

Moving workforces around the globe to attend training courses has always been the traditional approach as the industry has looked to satisfy the regulatory standards associated with the likes of STCW. These requirements have not gone away, but innovative thinking is now required to shift paradigms and shape training solutions that achieve compliance, competence, and confidence within our Maritime communities.

Whilst never the panacea for all of the sector’s training requirements, digital remains underutilised within the training sphere and yet its power to transform is undeniable.

Digital Solutions of Today Offer Greater ROI Than Ever

Emerging technologies are already providing us with opportunities to re-invent our approach to the world of Maritime Training and those at the vanguard of the thinking will rapidly reap significant benefits on their modest investments, leading into potential cost-neutral, or even positive positions.

If we focus on the plethora of training needs, which centre around; Operate, Maintain, Diagnose, and Repair, plus the Soft Skills agenda, well designed and deployed technologies can address all.

The emergent use of Digital Twins is increasing at pace across a plethora of sectors for commercial sales, data analytics, visualisation, and organisational development. The flexibility these solutions offer is incredible and easily evolved to meet the changing needs of the business requirements

What are the Benefits of Digital Training Solutions?

As we collectively look at the changes we now must embrace, non-traditional approaches, are essential and will deliver:

  • Real-time collaboration of the workforce

  • Improvements in muscle memory and contextualisation of experience

  • Significant costs savings and time efficiencies

  • Ability to train for high-risk procedures in controlled environments

  • Create, train and collaborate in ways that would be impossible in the real world

  • Enable the workforce to prepare and reinforce knowledge at the point of need

  • Data analytics will permit dynamic interventions

  • Genuine appeal to our current and next-generation workforce

Virtual Reality Training for Officers and Crew is Here

Vessel operations managers and superintendents have, until now, shied away from exotic-sounding technologies like VR. It has long been seen as an expensive blue-sky product, with little viable use. Today, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Hardware costs are plummeting, while the quality of training with these devices is skyrocketing.

We know life is not virtual and that the appeal of Maritime is centred on the wonderful real-world experiences that we all crave, but the evolving nature of digital technology can ensure our people are skilled, competent, and engaged. We should embrace this change.

Recent and related digital announcements are here:

  • Osso VR has raised $14M to develop its VR Surgical training platform

  • Oculus Quest 2 is available in the market <$300.00

  • In one weekend over 1 million people tuned in for the digital festival Tomorrowland

  • SuperYacht Times have launched their 3D game-changing virtual platform

  • Globally, there are 2.6 billion gamers who generate $159 billion in revenue, with this figure expected to grow to over $200 billion by 2023.

Can you Afford Not to Join the Virtual Revolution?

With the recognised changes in behavioural work patterns and the Global agenda of minimising carbon footprints widely adopted, the world is looking for alternative options to traditional training delivery, as operators seek to maintain and exceed operating standards.

It is Kilo’s mission to make the virtual possible!

Connect with Kilo to find out how our expertise in contemporary training solutions are blended with our extensive maritime heritage, to deliver capable, credible and affordable outcomes for you.

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