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Are your Leaders ready for 2021 ??

As we embrace the challenges of 2021 with renewed optimism and a genuine desire to realise the opportunities that will undoubtedly unfold, has it ever been more important to ensure that as the landscape dynamically changes, the team remains very clear on what matters most. Data is unequivocally stating that those teams who are aligned outstrip the competition by a factor of >4. Of note, Forbes produced a report mid-2020 outlining the worrying trend that 'A Shocking number of Leaders are not aligned with their companies’ visions', reporting that 71% of managers were not aligned with the CEO's vision. As if the challenges of our age are not enough to disrupt the CEO sleep pattern, if leaders at every level of the company are not fully aligned, irrespective of how impressive or innovative the company's vision is, it has almost no chance of success. The good news is that alignment can be readily addressed and should not be an inhibitor to building a winning culture, once the strategies and behaviours are embedded. So, as we look forward to a less turbulent post-COVID-19 era, and position our business' to maximise new opportunities, establishing effective alignment behaviour is key to future success and should be very much part of all of our new year resolutions.

If you need support with alignment, have a look at our 'Power Up' program, specifically designed for this very purpose.

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