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Odessa National Maritime University

Supporting the delivery of martime learning to university students.

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Assuring competence in your team's capability.


  • VASCO is undergoing an experiment to investigate its viability for inclusion within maritime training

  • ColRegs and Bridge Resource Management principles are being delivered throughout a 6 month period

  • Training performance standards will be evaluated against objective criteria throughout the experiment


  • VASCO has been loaned and set up within a local area network

  • Contributors to the experiment are accessing VASCO via Meta Quest headsets

  • Training is being facilitated by senior Ukrainian maritime instructors


  • ONMU are committed to building resilience and digital transformation within their service provision

  • The Russian offensive against Ukrainian infrastructure has impacted ONMU’s ability to deliver consistent outcomes

  • ONMU are determined to increase their market share and reach new audiences across the digital domain   


Odessa National Maritime University

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