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3D Unity Developer

Kilo has developed a global first VR Navigational Bridge simulator, which is accessible via untethered headsets. It is called VASCO – built in Unity, it includes a bespoke physics engine that enables us to incorporate real-world ship manoeuvring characteristics and supporting instrumentation, to enable the training experience to be both immersive and realistic.


As Kilo continues to meet client expectations and keep pace with the ongoing enhancement requirements, in addition to other VR projects, we are seeking a Technical Developer to join our team. 

Job Specification

Primary Responsibility


Working with Kilo's head of XR on VASCO and other Unity projects. Learning VASCO's core structure and working to improve, revise and add to the project. Support for Unity and package updates. Being active as part of our team in shaping the evolution of the products going forward. Possible support for VASCO's dedicated server side in Linux.


Essential Experience

  • Demonstrable experience as a Unity 3D Developer

  • High competence with C# language

  • Experience with 3D game development

  • Experience with mobile device 3D game development

  • Experience with XR development an advantage


  • Excellent knowledge of Unity b. High competence C#

  • Experience working with low polygon models, textures, shaders

  • Building for mobile devices e. Understanding of profiling and optimisation

  • Understanding of game physics

  • Competence with UI elements

  • Experience building for VR an advantage

  • Network game experience an advantage

  • Understanding Linux, Golang, MySQL an advantage

  • Understanding real world object dynamics and physics

  • Ability to learn and stay in touch with evolving game standards and development technologies.

  • Ability to write, clean, readable, and easily maintained code.

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Team player, with good time management and communication skills



Whilst this is a remote role, we are based in Devon and will be looking for the successful candidate to visit once a month, minimum, for project, ideation and technical sessions. As a relatively new business, we are very careful to ensure those that join the team, are complimentary to our culture. So, as important as education is, it does need to be supported by credible experience and underpinned by a sense of humour and commitment to work collaboratively in support of overall team success.

So, if you want to become part of an exciting evolution in Maritime Training, and have the following skillsets, please contact us  with an up-to-date CV at


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