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Kilo join UK government supporting education for Ukrainian Sea Cadets

We are delighted to part of a training programme announced by Trinity House, a charity dedicated to safeguarding shipping and seafarers and the Department of Transport today to support the development of Ukrainian seafarers.

Director, Andy Parkin was in attendance at the Maritime Careers and Opportunities event on 13th Sep 2023, as part of International Shipping Week where Baroness Vere, the Under Secretary of State for Aviation, Maritime and Security made the announcement.

Andy says:

“It is a genuine privilege for Kilo to have been selected for this prestigious contract, where we know Vasco will make an enormous difference to the Ukrainian Cadet’s professional development. The ability to deliver simulator training to geographically dispersed Cadets is very exciting, using high performance headsets with low technical dependency, is game changing.”

VASCO (Virtual Advancement System for Competent Operations) is Kilo’s revolutionary Virtual Reality (VR) maritime simulator programme.

Using the latest in VR technology, VASCO provides a portable, scalable, and accessible way to train bridge teams in real time, in real life scenarios. Seafarers join VASCO via their VR headset from wherever they are located and interact with a full suite of navigational equipment as they manoeuvre the vessel aligned with the challenges of each training scenario.

VASCO is currently in use with a number of clients across the world, each creating their own scenarios for training, bespoke to their needs. It has also recently been trialed by the US Navy.

Providing VASCO to support the cadet programme for Ukraine Seafarers ensures that the students can continue to learn remotely, with as little disruption as possible, ensuring the next generation of Ukrainian sea farers will not miss out on valuable education.

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