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Training Case Studies


Mobile Learning

M-Learning provides huge benefit to Crews and reflect the fact that mobile devices have completely changed our lives and the way we all learn.


To ensure an annual workforce of c37k new joiners/returners have access to all pre-joining information, relevant to their role and responsibility, at point of need.


A native app, accessible by a wide range of iOS and Android devices, capable of on/off-line mode that permits the user to personalise the device with specific join information and ensure they have all of the necessary pre-join information, personal to them.  The solution has become viewed as a digital companion, with the next phase of development under consideration.


A single point of truth to the access of content that prepares individual’s personally for what lies ahead of them and provides reassurance/reinforcement of knowledge when needing a ready reference guide.   A centralised method for content management further contribute to the sharing of standard practices across the workforce where, 78% adoption rates are reported.


We use the power of film to standardise procedures, decomplicate policy and tell stories in an engaging way that transfers knowledge and understanding.

Case Study Challenge

The organisation needed to align emergency responders to standardisation of fire fighting practices in order to permit procedural consistency and improvement in corporate standards.


A series of films that depicted best practice for each scenario, utilising the organisation’s own personnel.   Filmed in 1st and 3rd person view, it provided a unique insight into the standards required.  Each film demonstrated the scenario, the correct action undertaken and a reinforcement of key points at the end.  Enhanced with graphical overlays and audio, the immersive nature of the films were very compelling. With 20 hours of film captured, an interactive set of challenges are provided for the user to test his/her knowledge at the end.


The corporation approved films, provided the absolute standard and enabled individual units to train their teams consistently and for audit teams to validate procedural knowledge and practices.


Digital Interactive

The world is full of passive content, yet we know that interactive content engages crew 70% of the time, compared to 36% for passive content. 



The Client had a requirement to ensure that their staff were instinctively curious whilst conducting navigational operations and to ensure they utilised all sensors and information at their disposal to ensure rational and safe decisions were always made.  



A set of interactive navigational challenges, from a 1st person perspective, presented the user with variable levels of complexity that were photorealistic 3D, incorporated within an intuitive interface that enabled the user to aggregate the sensory information available to make correct navigational decisions. Accessible via PC/Tablet, the content was accessible at point of need and performance results could be tracked, if required by the parent organisation.


This very flexible and scalable capability provided the organisation with a solution that could be iteratively developed over time, introducing varying levels of complexity and real world scenarios that could be rapidly delivered to the workforce without the need for very expensive bridge simulators.

Creative Innovation

Analysing the need, the environment, and the audience, we craft solutions that factor in all elements and create solutions that will achieve the business need


The client has a global mandate to reduce the number of fisherman who lose their lives every year whilst plying their trade.  One of the priority areas of focus was to improve awareness of the ‘Rules of the Road’ at Sea within hard to reach and non-digital audiences, with specific focus on the small scale fisher communities.


Working with the client, we established the areas of focus and an understanding of technical limitations, which ruled out a digital solution.  We focused on the creation of a game with appeal to the full spectrum of the fishing community. ‘King of The Sea' teaches fishermen collision regulations by means of easy to learn, difficult to master, traditional card game mechanics without relying on high levels of literacy or access to a digital platform.



The client was delighted, as have been a pilot group of small scale fishers.  Work is now underway to secure further funding for broader distribution and analysis of impact.    

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