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Visit us at SeaTrade Cruise Global 2022

We’re really excited to be going to Seatrade Cruise Global in Florida on the 26th April.

We are exhibiting in the TechZone a new innovative area for the Seatrade Cruise Global Conference where you can discover the latest trends and innovation in technology.

In the tech zone, you’ll be able to experience:

  • Emotion Recognition Technology

  • Dynamic Digital Displays

  • AR for Crew Training

  • VR Headsets

The latter, of course, is delivered by us!

We will have a number of headsets where you can experience both our collaborative VR experience, VASCO, and our single user experience, now named PIVOT.

PIVOT is the next phase in the development of the proof of concept we created in collaboration with The Nautical Institute and SafetyTech Accelerator.

The team at The Iceway will be available to get you in the headset so you can really understand the VR experience first hand.

We’ll have copies of our White Paper and other literature for you to take away and share with your colleagues and our US Sales Consultant, Graeme Beavers, will be available to tell you more about Kilo Solutions and arrange any follow up meetings to tell you more.

Don’t forget to tag us in your social media with #KiloVR if you visit:

LinkedIn @kilosolutions

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