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mobile learning app.


M-Learning provides huge benefit to Crews and reflect the fact that mobile devices have completely changed our lives and the way we all learn.

To ensure an annual workforce of c37k new joiners/returners have access to all pre-joining information, relevant to their role and responsibility, at point of need. 

A native app, accessible by a wide range of iOS and Android devices, capable of on/off-line mode that permits the user to personalise the device with specific join information and ensure they have all of the necessary pre-join information, personal to them.  The solution has become viewed as a digital companion, with the next phase of development under consideration. 

A single point of truth to the access of content that prepares individual’s personally for what lies ahead of them and provides reassurance and/or reinforcement of knowledge when needing a ready reference guide.  A centralised method for content management further contribute to the sharing of standard practices across the workforce where, 78% adoption rates are reported.

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