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We use the power of film to standardise procedures, decomplicate policy and tell stories in an engaging way that transfers knowledge and understanding.


The organisation needed to align emergency responders to standardisation of fire fighting practices in order to permit procedural consistency and improvement in corporate standards.


A series of films that depicted best practice for each scenario, utilising the organisation’s own personnel. Filmed in 1st and 3rd person view, it provided a unique insight into the standards required. Each film demonstrated the scenario, the correct action undertaken and a reinforcement of key points at the end. Enhanced with graphical overlays and audio, the immersive nature of the films were very compelling. With 20 hours of film captured, an interactive set of challenges are provided for the user to test his/her knowledge at the end.


The corporation approved films, provided the absolute standard and enabled individual units to train their teams consistently and for audit teams to validate procedural knowledge and practices.

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