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digital interactive.


The world is full of passive content, yet we know that interactive content engages crew 70% of the time, compared to 36% for passive content.


The client had a requirement to ensure that their staff were instinctively curious whilst conducting navigational operations and to ensure they utilised all sensors and information at their disposal to ensure rational and safe decisions were always made

A set of interactive navigational challenges, from a 1st person perspective, presented the user with variable levels of complexity that were photorealistic 3D, incorporated within an intuitive interface that enabled the user to aggregate the sensory information available to make correct navigational decisions. Accessible via PC/Tablet, the content was accessible at point of need and performance results could be tracked, if required by the parent organisation.

This very flexible and scalable capability provided the organisation with a solution that could be iteratively developed over time, introducing varying levels of complexity and real world scenarios that could be rapidly delivered to the workforce without the need for very expensive bridge simulators.

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