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Analysing the need, the environment, and the audience, we craft solutions that factor in all elements and create solutions that will achieve the business need



The client has a global mandate to reduce the number of fisherman who lose their lives every year whilst plying their trade. One of the priority areas of focus was to improve awareness of the ‘Rules of the Road’ at Sea within hard to reach and non-digital audiences, with specific focus on the small scale fisher communities.


Working with the client, we established the areas of focus and an understanding of technical limitations, which ruled out a digital solution. We focused on the creation of a game with appeal to the full spectrum of the fishing community. ‘King of The Sea' teaches fishermen collision regulations by means of easy to learn, difficult to master, traditional card game mechanics without relying on high levels of literacy or access to a digital platform.


The client was delighted, as have been a pilot group of small scale fishers. Work is now underway to secure further funding for broader distribution and analysis of impact.