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andy parkin.


Managing Director

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Curious how themes emerge in life, but as a former communicator in the Royal Navy, Kilo was known to me as the International Signal – ‘Communicate with Me’.  Therefore, it’s broader sentiment in my view, then as now, remains core to the effective performance of people and organisations.

Having fulfilled leadership roles across military, commercial, and agency environments, the constant for those that excel, in my view, has always been with those that recognise the power of effective communications, within all of its various forms. 


During periods of ever-increasing change and uncertainty, don’t we all function so much more effectively if we have confidence that our leaders recognise our importance to the organisation and ensure we are aligned, educated, and engaged in support of the greater good?


Following the mantra, as personally validated in the most extreme of environments,  ‘getting things done, through people, in an organisation’, it remains the foundation for effective delivery, militarily or commercially, underpinned by effective communications.   


Simple isn’t it, but why are so many organisations struggling to achieve it and ignoring the obvious signs that the team is asking for clearer comms.  My conclusion is that ‘gurus’ have over complicated the essence of workforce engagement and Kilo’s approach is going to offer a more pragmatic and earthy style, that everyone can relate to.  We will simply be asking you; What needs to be resolved, Who needs to know, When and Why.     


As a team, developing Kilo has not only been a nod to elements of my past, but also to the here and now, as brand confidence has continued to grow given the evolving needs of industry within challenging times and multi-need environments.


This convergence of heritage, with contemporary need, has necessitated the assembly of a significant breadth of exciting and proven capability, to support the Kilo offer, which has led to confidence that the brand is fit for the time.  

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